The State ofSaaS Management2022

SaaS apps have been on the rise as organizations seek agility and scalability. But IT teams lack visibility into SaaS apps used in organizations. As a result, they are unaware of the apps that are being used, their usage costs, and their compliance status.

So, how do tech leaders measure what value they are getting from these applications, decommission the unused SaaS apps, and build governance into the SaaS Management Lifecycle?

This report by Gartner Peer Insights and Zluri contains the perspectives of IT leaders on the state of their SaaS applications, their priorities, and their challenges. Download the full report to understand how IT Leaders at top companies manage SaaS stacks.

What's inside

Features of an ideal SaaS management platform

Primary decision makers on SaaS purchases

Tools used for provisioning and revoking access

Most organizations are spending up to 10% of their revenue on SaaS applications, but documented policies and processes for management are inconsistent.

56% of respondents don’t have or are not sure if they have a documented Shadow IT policy.


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