KuppingerCole executive view on Zluri SMP and IGA

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Zluri’s is a unified platform that helps discover and control applications, access, and costs. The amalgamation of visibility and control makes the platform the pioneer in Shadow IT discovery, security posture maintenance, and meeting compliance standards.

This report explains how Zluri is one of the few organizations that combines the comprehensive capability to enable centralized visibility, management, and identity governance and administration of all the SaaS applications used by customer organizations. 

  • Discover shadow IT: Bring visibility to IT teams from centrally managed apps to installed software on devices. Strengthen security posture by revoking Shadow apps.
  • Cost optimization: Analyze usage across tech stacks to uncover definitive, real savings outcomes. Maximize ROI on IT investments through cost optimization.
  • Lifecycle management: Consolidate access control for the user lifecycle across centrally managed, unmanaged, and shadow apps in one platform.
  • Access reviews: Transition from painstaking manual reviews and inaccurate user and permission lists to fully automated access reviews and remediation.

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